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Our latest offer from Montrealite: 2 t-shirts for $50.

At our boutique in Montreal this is the special price we always offer to our customers, so now we bring this to our website.

discount code: 2for50

If you want to order 4 shirts, enter discount code: 4for100

Happy shopping!


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Montreal's Finest Urban Graphic Tees!

Montrealite creates moving street art, using symbols and landmarks to celebrate the unique culture of Montreal. Cool and funny screen printed t-shirts that explore the style of Montreal!

Let the Cotton do the Talkin'!

Montrealite prints on American Apparel T-shirts. Best 100% cotton shirts* available in North America.  Fair Trade with a host of colors. Soft, well-fitted, t-shirts, which are the first you grab out of your shirt drawer!


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